As you embark on the arduous journey of better understanding all of the senior care options and personal care assistance available in Chardon, Mentor, Mayfield and Chesterland for a loved one, you may find the process to be simply overwhelming after only a short bit of research. You are not alone, and retirement homes, home care agencies and senior living facilities are not doing you any favors with their complicated pricing and cost models that consider everything from the type and level of care required to your actual preference in amenities that a facility might offer.

For example, do you prefer the look and feel of a 5-star hotel when considering an assisted living community, or would you rather live in an environment that is more like a bed and breakfast, which has a tendency to be more close and personal? As you might imagine, the larger and grander the facility is, the higher the price will be, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the level of care you receive will follow suite.


It may surprise you to learn that in the state of Ohio, there are no minimum staffing ratios at retirement homes & Assisted Living Communities required between residents and staff. There are only loose regulations on the frequency and type of care required and it is left up to facility management to figure out how to best meet those requirements with the least amount of resources possible.

Payingforseniorcare.com cites the national average cost of Assisted Living as $3750/month, and you should expect to add another $1200/month to that for a memory care option if it is offered. Additionally, if full time nursing care or personal care assistance is needed, you should expect to pay about $227/day on the low end.

What these numbers don't always tell you though, is whether they include the amount of care that is actually required to meet your specific needs. This is where it can get really complicated and frustrating. Certain facilities believe in providing the resident with a multi-tier set of service options, which can have six (6) or more levels. The argument here is that the resident won't pay for anything they don't actually need, which is appealing to many. The other option that is commonly seen is to offer fewer tiers, but include the key services that most people need and desire based on his/her current level of independence. In this scenario, the evaluation process is less complicated and there is less confusion on the resident's part as to where they feel they actually rate on the scale of needs.

Our Transparency

At Thistle House Senior Living, you won't find any surprises in our Chardon retirement home's pricing model. There is a base price that includes all of the major deliverables that any reputable facility might offer e.g. laundry service or meals, along with three (3) tiers of optional service that will meet the needs of those who may still be mobile and active. The second tier provides a more focused level of personalized care with items like medication assistance and mobility and the third tier provides a unique and personalized dementia care plan.

Our prices range from the low $3ooo's for a single occupancy studio suite to just under $4000 for a one-bedroom. Additional tiers of care range from $295 to $1195/month. For those qualified for the Medicaid Assisted Living Waiver, please call us to discuss suite availability. Explore our website for a complete list of services and amenities available at our Chardon retirement home and don't hesitate to contact us directly for more information or to set up a tour of our brand new community!