4 Ways to Age Healthily

It is essential for seniors to stay healthy if they want to enjoy their golden years. Though many of us fear aging, it is possible to age healthily if you take the right steps. Taking some simple health measures can divert many of the diseases we associate with aging such as dementia.


However, it can be difficult to know what healthy lifestyle changes need to be made. Many seniors cannot exercise or even eat like they did when they were younger. These restrictions don’t mean that you can’t be healthy, though.


Here are some healthy strategies you can implement today to age healthily:




Diet is the root of all health. When we eat, we provide our bodies with everything they need to function correctly. If we don’t give our body the nutrients and vitamins it needs, we put ourselves at risk for both physical and mental diseases.


When we become seniors, it is normal for our digestive system and appetite to change. This can make it harder to get the appropriate nutrients we need.


U.S. News suggests seniors eat a diet high in protein, but with lower calories. Because of an overall decrease in activity and metabolism, you probably don’t need to eat as much as you did when you were younger. But, you do need more protein. Choosing lean proteins, such as chicken and eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is the best option for fulfilling your dietary needs.


Luckily, it is easier now than ever for seniors to eat a complete diet thanks to technology. Smartphone apps can make choosing healthy meals easier with grocery-shopping lists, and you can even order groceries straight to your door. You also have the option of using a meal delivery service, which will deliver fresh ingredients and instructions for making wholesome meals. There are also many ready-made options that need little preparation before eating.




The other major pillar of health is exercise. We need exercise to keep our body in tip-top shape. Without it, we leave ourselves prone to some physical and mental diseases.


Of course, many seniors cannot exercise like they once did. But, there are some low-impact exercises you can perform in the comfort of your own home. You should try to perform a variety of cardio, balance and muscle-building exercise.


Chair yoga, a quick walk around the house and a few resistance exercises would make for a great exercise routine. Even merely cleaning up your home can provide you with all the activity you need. The important thing is to stay active and spend at least as much time on your feet as you do sitting down.




The mind is a commonly overlooked part of your health. We spend a lot of time taking care of our bodies, but very little time trying to take care of our minds. But, it is often brain diseases like dementia that are the most debilitating for older adults.


There are numerous ways you can keep your mind healthy and active. Staying involved in hobbies and playing simulation games such as checkers and card games are fun and simple ways to keep your brain working correctly.




It can be difficult for seniors to stay social as they age. Decreased mobility, friends and family members moving away, and health problems can all contribute to a senior not getting the socialization they need. Humans are social creatures, however, and it is important to stay social if you want to age healthily.


Senior Advisor recommends committing to a social hobby, reaching out to other seniors in your neighborhood and considering roommates to stay social as you age.


With a few health strategies, it is possible to age healthily and gracefully. Even though it might be harder to stay healthy when you’re older, it is entirely possible.


Photo Credit: Pexels